I’m so glad you’re here.  Truly, I am.  This blog has been an idea of mine for some time and is just one half of the greater vision I have for EverydayShannon.  Inspired by some of YouTubers and other family and cooking vlogs/blogs which I follow, I have been pondering how I would go about putting together this page for some time.

At this point, it will contain pretty much everything in my life.  Everyday.  Hence, EverydayShannon.  Down the road, if I see the need to branch out into a separate cooking channel, separate blended family channel, separate book channel, whatever…well, that can happen rather easily.

There are about one million and eleven things I am interested in, curious about and wishing to explore.  Actually, that may be a severely low-ball estimate.  One of the top ten things I am passionate about is cooking.  Baking and cooking are soothing to me and two of the primary ways I show my love to family and friends.  Primary being the key word, since I feel that food and the art of it are primal in nature and essential to all aspects of our being.  My family may be cold, tired and grouchy on a damp, dreary day, but that is very easy to turn around with a hearty meal and delicious dessert.  The aromas of the food permeating all areas of our house and pulling all of us to the kitchen or to the dining room table.  We are currently on the tail end of a complete, to the sheetrock, renovation of our kitchen.  This is a perfect time to start EverydayShannon, since many videos and posts will originate in this new kitchen.  I also garden, so frequently my food will include things I grew or things I picked up at a local farmer’s market or the co-op.  I grew up in rural upstate New York, close to the Canadian border, with farms on every corner.  This makes my mindset notably “organic” and not in the sense that I buy only “organic” labeled products at the grocery store.  I believe in a little fun!  We eat junk food sometimes and we enjoy snacks at the movies or amusement parks.  But for the most part, our meals are home-cooked.  I try to eat Paleo several times a week and incorporate as much of it as I can into our family meals.  Our beef comes from a local farm, as do our eggs.  It’s a bit more running around, but so much more rewarding and tasty.  I love knowing exactly where our food comes from!

Last night, with our kitchen still only partially done, I found it absolutely essential to bake something.  After all, one of my new ovens was installed and I had to try it out!  (Appliance reviews in the future, for sure).  Perfect timing since I had finally picked up Danielle Walker’s new cookbook “Against All Grain”, the night before.  The glazed lemon poppyseed poundcake looked absolutely perfect.  I didn’t use coconut flour (I didn’t have it on hand) and I used chia seeds instead of poppyseeds (I’m alllllll about chia).

Here’s the result:


Moist, delicious and totally Paleo!  Almond flour adds so much more flavor than regular flour.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Shannon! I’m so excited and envious! I love this blog (you’re inspiring my inner baker) & I’ll no doubt be hitting you up for assistance getting a blog off the ground 😉

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